4Our church supports nearly 100 missionaries and ministries across the nation and around the world. A special offering is received the second Sunday of each month for Missions and a report is given by our Missions Secretary of activities and needs of our Missionaries. Missionaries we support are pictured on the Missions Wall in the Church Library.




William and Barbara Kuert (Kenya)

Patrick and Brenda Mahar (Botswana)

David and Maryann Vespa (Ghana)

Steve Ngethe (Kenya)

Melissa McSurdy (Africa)

Asia Pacific

Michael and Vicky Baldree (Philippines)

John and Beatrice Carter (Philippines)

Edward and Faith Ferguson (Okinawa)

Fred and Betty Howsare (Asia)

Jean Ann Johnson (Cambodia)

Diane Laws (Kiribati Islands)

Steven and Linda Lilly (China)

Megan Reichelderfer (Kiribati)

Jay & Jackie Luthro (China)


Joseph and Heidi Barrale (Austria)

Omar and Pat Beiler (Baltic Republic)

Continental Theological Seminary (Belgium)

Gene and Norma Kummerer (Belgium)

Donald and Johanna Martin (CTS Belgium)

Gerald and Sheryl Menke (Muldova)

Bruce and Joy Page (Slovenia)

Gil and Gladys Rodriquez (Spain)

James and Sherry Sabella (Czech. Rep.)

Daniel and Kathleen Stump (Southern Europe)
Ray and Jo Wiley (Muldova)

Richard and Lori Wislocky (Hungary)

Kevin & Annie Folk (Spain)

Uli & Becky Kimmich (Germany)


Samuel and Naomi Brelo (Middle East)

Dwight and Anita Dobson (South Asia)

Norman and Heather Edwards (C.I.S.)

John and Faith Higgins (South India)

Sobhi and Jeri Malek (Middle East/North Africa)

Robert and Twyla McGurty (Bangledesh)

Southern Asia Bible College

Earl and Arlene Stubbs (South India)

Latin America

Joseph and Ellen Anonby (Dominican Republic)

Doug and Carol Baldwin (Ecuador)

William and Hilda Bradney (Costa Rica)

David and Rosemarie DiTrolio (Paraguay)

Rocco and Ellen DiTrolio (Argentina)

Richard and Sandee Farthing (Bolivia)

Frank and Mary Kendrick (Uruguay)

Samuel and Janice Mayeski (Trinidad)
Karen Preiser (Latin America Library Fund)

Theron and Aldonna Roush (Columbia)

Denny Seler (Latin America Theological Seminary)

David and Paula Stanislaus (Caribbean)

Arthur and Joyce Stoneking (Mexico)

Ed & Cecilia Dalbello (Argentina)

United States

Aged Minister’s Assistance

A/G Theological Seminary

Blind Ministries

Robert and Evelyn Bolton (Chinese Ministry)

Victor and Roberta Brown (Gypsy Ministry)

Convoy of Hope/Child Care

Patrick and Ruth Donadio (MAPS&RV)

Kenneth and Kathrine Ferguson (CMM)

Jeffrey and Vixie Freidman (Jewish Ministry)

Heart of Compassion

Hillcrest Children’s Home

Manheim Assembly (Home Missions)

Military Ministries

N.A.B.C. (American Indian Ministry)

Steve and Melissa Pulis (Youth Alive)

Richard and Shirley Ridley (Gypsy Ministry)

David and Barbara Robb (Deaf Culture)

Martin and Catherine Rodgers (Inl. Media Ministry)

Sam and Norma Rust (Trucking Ministry)

Teen Challenge Training Center

Mel and Betty Todd (Life Publishers International)

Water Street Rescue Mission

Valley Forge Christian College

Zion Bible Institute

Christian Bow Hunters (USA)

Jeremy & Christine Sweeten (USA)

General Missions

Jack and Georgia Belin (Convoy of Hope)

Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (varies each month)

Gideons International

Gary and Cindy Higgins (Healtthcare Ministries)

Light-for-the-Lost (Penn-Del District)

Anthony and Betty Palma (Short Term Abroad)

Penn-Del District Support



Ruth Weitkamp (MC)

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