Bible Education

» Nursery – infants up to 23 months old.

» Beginners – 2-3 years old.

» Toddlers – 4-5 years old.

» Kidztown – Grades 1-4

» Crossfire – Grades 5-8
» Xtreme Uth – Grades 9-12
Adult’s Sunday School

I hope our time spent together will further inspire you on to do just that – to keep your relationship with Jesus Christ the main thing in your life. After all, that is what being a Christian is all about. Unfortunately, too many of us are just getting by. Our Bible study has become boring, dull, and routine. (If we even find the time to do it!) As a result, our lives end up being no different than anybody else’s. In that we can not reflect the image of Christ to others, or be the example or light in this darkened world! What this world needs are some people who are sold out to Jesus Christ no matter what our age, size, color-people who dare to make a difference for Him! Our class appropriately titled “The Main Thing” will prayerfully challenge us to push our walk with God to the limit, to seek God’s best and to be nothing but our best for Him! It will give us the tools to live for Christ everyday. Pray with me as we embark on this spiritual journey together that I might be the leader God has positioned for this time, that we together can live our lives with the passion and commitment to develop a further knowledge of God’s word along with a deeper understanding. Pray our time together sharing our lives and God’s word will impact our lives and the lives of those in our “worlds” surrounding us!

Student’s Sunday School
Discipleship 101

In Discipleship we talk about all kinds of topics that range from the Doctrines of the Assemblies of God (what we believe) to Religions and Cults and everything in between!! This is a challenging class that offers personal, powerful and practical guidance for help in growing deeper in your walk with the Lord. There are opportunities given in class for you to give your testimony to be able to tell others what God did in your life, and how He changed your life. Discipleship 101 is an interactive class that has a lot of discussion. Bring your prayer requests and concerns because we always pray for each others needs before class starts. This class is taught by LeeAnna. Hang with us in Discipleship 101 and be ready to be challenged!!



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